Wash Bear

The Wash Bear can be exclusivley offered across the UK & Ireland by Orba Group Ltd.  The wash bear is a highly efficient technology for seperating lightweight materials from building rubble. It works according to the proven floating sinking principle and reliably and cleanly separates light materials such as wood, artificial and insulating materials from the minerals. With the wash-bear all mineral substances can be cleaned, but most of all, RCL building materials.

wash bear

Key Features 

  • Innovative sifter system in the floating & sinking process
  • No wastewater, only the addition of domestic water
  • High environmental compatibility due to the low noise and dust emmission
  • Self cleaning
  • Highly wear resistant spriral screw made of special alloy
  • High production capacity
  • Grain belt 4 – 120mm in one operation, seperating and sifting
  • Low energy requirement
  • Additional custom options available
wash bear

In addition to its process efficiency, which ensures almost 100% seperation of contaminants and mineral fractions, the wash bear also boasts superior efficiency. This results from the economical handling of the resources to be used, in addition to the robust, maintenance free design of the system technology. The closed system consumes whatever water adheres to the discharged mineral. ina 10 hour shift 4-8 m3 is used in practice, whereby the inlet is controlled automatically by floats. This technique avoids the build up of chemicals in the eluate.

Additional Options 

  • Additional air sifter in the task area
  • Reduced quality of the screw for simple applicatitions
  • Hydraulic lifting function of the trough
  • Hydraulic levelling device
  • Plant with laterally reversed debris removal
  • Integrated main discharge belt
  • Customer Colour
  • Clean extension wet screening

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