30,000Ltr Bunded Plastic Interlinked Tanks

30,000Ltr Bunded Plastic Interlinked Diesel Tanks

Options : High flow, Hose Reel, MC Box, Fuel Management System

External Tank6080mm (L) x 3490mm (W) x 3500mm (H)

Weight 1330 Kilograms

1 x 15,000Ltr bunded dispensing tank with:

3″ socket for interlinking, 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, Overfill prevention valve

Vent, External pump (230v), 6m/8m/10m of delivery hose

Automatic shut off nozzle and nozzle holster

Mechanical flowmeter

10 micron water & particulate filter

FMS contents gauge & tank alarm (230v)

Control panel with key switch (230v) 1 x 15,000Ltr bunded diesel holding tank complete with:

3″ socket for interlinking

2″BSP fill connection with cap and chain


1 x interlinking kit consisting of a 3″ PN16 flange enabling very simple connection of the two 15,000Ltr tanks.

Lockable cabinets

Colour Grey with red cabinet doors

Multiple options available on spec

10 year warranty